4G was founded in 2008 and specializes in the development of security and surveillance products for sensitive, reserved and/or regulated venues. Today, the company proposes a full range of solutions for interception, communication and analysis & processing tools, geo-localizing and video surveillance.

Reactivity and capability for innovation through teams of engineers, specialized technicians and sales people all over France.
National coverage: 1 Salesperson per region, 7 days per week hotline, on-site within 24 hours if necessary.
Flexibility: Modular software.
Substantial investment into R&D: More than 20% of our turnover is plowed back into R&D, financed directly from the company profit margins.

*"low level" signal processing (Analog High Frequency, DSP, FPGA, …).
*Telecommunications (GSM, ADSL, 3G standards, …).
*Free and "open source" software (Linux, OpenOffice.org, Java, Speex, …).
*Onboard electronics.

Knowledge of free and open-source software clearly reflects the application of the 4G policy:
*Reliability and security by the control of modifiable sources.
*Performance and technological security through a community of developers.
*Independence with respect to the outside and uncontrollable developments.
*Reactivity and orientation towards users thanks to free of charge services.

4G operates from its own industrial premises and offices, totaling 675m² and specially arranged for its use. They are located near the community of Mouans Sartoux, Parc d’activité de l’Argile, near the motorway and just a quarter an hour away from the Nice international Airport.

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