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All Purpose Video-surveillance

EViBOX is a digital Audio/Video recorder and encoder that adapts to your present or future needs for securing public areas. EViBOX applies Audio/Video stream compression and transmission technologies that require only minimum bandwidth for live broadcasts over available networks (3G, Satellite, WiFi, ADSL).
* Extractable local recordings
* No need for road works
* Power supply from lampposts 24/7
* Fast deployment (less than an hour)

Accessibility and self-sufficiency
Operates reliably at any place, within 3G fixed or mobile coverage, ideal for use: onboard vehicles, installed on towers, building fronts etc…
Improved flexibility of video stream transmission offering real time access to several users simultaneously through a dedicated secure server.

Optimum picture quality thanks to a patented compression technology and the absence of interfering waves generated by other transaction systems.

Using a 3G device ensures that residents are unharmed; we use the 3G system of existing operators.

Total flexibility and mobility
Equipment for any risk prone zone: event-related risks, construction sites, storage places: an essential solution for communities, public work companies, enterprises, civil security to overcome the displacement effect, extending installation efficiency, monitoring delinquency, uncivil behavior.

Development with other existing video-surveillance equipment and installations. Integration into a VMS (C.S.U…) system or existing supervision.

Cost effective
No civil engineering costs.
Power supply comes from batteries and street lights.

RF connections : 3 SMA-Female (3G, WiFi, GPS optional)
I/O : 1 input for triggering SMS alerts.
Configuration and updating : USB port

Network Interfacing
Mobile networks : Edge / 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA
Ethernet : 10/100/1000Mb/s
WiFi : 802.11a/b/g

Storage : External USB hard disc
Quality : 4CIF (25fps)
Bitrate : minimum 450MB/hour
Security : On the fly data ciphering (AES 256, Serpent, Twofish)

Acquisition : IP
Distribution : CIF (12fps), 4CIF (12fps)
VSI : Movement detection with transmission of e-mail alerts

Format : AES 256 in secure tunnel

Toughened case : 400 x 330 x174
EViBOX : 268 x 174 x 44

Power supply
Input voltage : +12Vdc
Power consumption : 36W

Operating temperature range : -20°C to +60°C

Power pack (battery)
Lithium-Ion battery, LongLife capacity
Rated voltage 12Vdc and 24Vdc
Total power 640Wh
Completely sealed to IP66 - IK10

Uses : Viewing, controlling PTZ cameras, downloading video sequences, recording and capturing photographs, managing the power pack.
Unlimited number of simultaneous players.
Administration : EViBOX user management and configuration.
Player : Playback of video, display of alerts and movement detections.

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